SJK Nugui "Jikoh"

Characteristic :
Jikoh is made for rough surface and soft Jitetsu.
It keeps the sword from Nugui-bike(flaw) or black stripes on the rough surface.
Though the Nugui is rather slow in getting in, the roughness of the blade will calm down
and the vividness and brightness can be expected on the Kohada after the Nugui.

Instructions :
Drop the original liquid on the surface and rub with rolled cotton (Oumewata) repeatedly, pressing properly.
Make sure that Nugui is getting in. Add Nugui according to the conditions of the surface.
At Kara-nugui, use new rolled cotton (Oumewata), rub the surface evenly and strongly in a short time. Leave a thin film of Nugui.
When the Jitetsu is soft and whitish, use more Nugui and finish with lighter Kara-nugui, pressing softly.
Each Nugui is compounded appropriately, and can be used directly.
However, depending on the condition of the sword, if you need finer Nugui, filter it with Yoshino-gami.
SJK Nugui "Jikoh"

Price: 4,000yen