SJK Nugui "Kongo"

Characteristic :
Kongo is made for hard, whitish swords such as Shinshin-to, and modern swords.
It can emerge the Jifutsu nearly black without damaging the Kohada.

Instructions :
Before doing Nugui, mix the same amount of Nugui from bottle A and bottle B.
Drop this on the surface and rub with rolled cotton (Oumewata) repeatedly, pressing properly.
Now and then, wipe with Uchiko and make sure the Nugui is getting in. Add the liquid during Nugui not to get dry.
Finish Nugui with light touches and do Kara-nugui with new cotton, rubbing evenly and rather pressing in a short time.
The quantity of the liquid may be much more than in other cases.
Each Nugui is compounded appropriately, and can be used directly.
However, depending on the condition of the sword, if you need finer Nugui, filter it with Yoshino-gami.

If the Nugui gets thick, please thin with SJK Nugui Oil.

SJK Nugui Oil
SJK Nugui "Kongo"

Price: 4,000yen