SJK Nugui "Koshiki"

Characteristic :
Koshiki is made for old swords (Koto) in general.
It keeps the conditions of the original, deepens the tints, and holds natural elegance even if touched with Nugui many times.

Instructions :
Drop the original liquid on the surface and rub with rolled cotton (Oumewata) repeatedly, pressing properly.
For the swords which have Utsuri such as Bizen, use the Nugui more often than usual after using Jizuya.
In any case, finish the Nugui with light touches and leave a little liquid on the sword.
Be careful to keep the surface wet by adding Nugui several times, and leave a thin film on the surface with Nugui.
At Kara-nugui, use new rolled cotton (Oumewata), rub the surface evenly and strongly in a short time.
You can get a satisfactory tint on the whole surface.
Each Nugui is compounded appropriately, and can be used directly.
However, depending on the condition of the sword, if you need finer Nugui, filter it with Yoshino-gami.

If the Nugui gets thick, please thin with SJK Nugui Oil.

SJK Nugui Oil
SJK Nugui "Koshiki"

Price: 4,000yen