Asahi Koma-nagura-do

Artificial Koma-nagura stone.
5th stone of the groundwork used before Uchigumori-do.
By Koma-nagura, the mark of Chu-nagura must be removed.
If the polishing work is not done enough on this stage, and the mark of Chu-nagura is remained, it is difficult to achieve the effect of Uchigumori-do.
Asahi Koma-nagura-do can make you work efficiently.
At this stage the Hamon has usually become clearly visible.

Asahi Komanagura-do is very soft.
Please do not keep it in water with sodium carbonate
for a long time. Otherwise, it will melt.
There is no problem to put it in pure water.

Dimensions : 20 x 5 x 5cm
Weight : 960g
Asahi Koma-nagura-do

Price: 22,000yen