Takayama Kazuyuki - The Beauty of Koshirae - (DVD)

The Beauty of Koshirae
Takayama Kazuyuki

A Japanese sword, which is the origin of the Japanese culture with a great presence as spiritual support. Mountings of the sword are called Koshirae. There are various kinds of materials, techniques and colors for making Koshirae, and the unique world has been built in Koshirae itself as art.
TAKAYAMA Kazuyuki is the leading Saya-shi (scabbard craftsman) being paid great respect by many people who are concerned with Japanese sword. It is TAKAYAMA's life work that he restores the Koshirae for the historically precious swords and creates new ones using the superb skills of making them.
The clients that require the works to TAKAYAMA are all celebrated such as the Imperial Household Agency, Shosoin, British Museum in London, Metropolitan Museum of Art in Now York.
This work tracks the work of Takayama Kazuyuki so far and includes a commentary on the work of himself in addition to the documentary that captured the production process of the actual.. In addition, it is a valuable image collection which introduced about 50 works.

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Format : NTSC
Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English
Region : 2
Run Time : 73 minutes

Takayama Kazuyuki - The Beauty of Koshirae - (DVD)

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