Jabara-ito Silk Thin (1mm wide)

Silk cord to wrap Tsuka made from 2 twisted threads.
About 38m long. For a few Tsuka.

We will produce a product after receiving an order.
It will take around two weeks to produce.

Colors ; Black, RedBlack, Wine, Darkbrown, Brown, Gold Brown, Bright Gold,
Orange Gold, Ivory, White, Dark Green, Green, Grayish Green, Navy Blue, Blue,
Grayish Blue, Purple

Dark Green is a little blueish dark green color.
RedBlack is very close to black with a slight reddish shade.

-- Recomended item to be bought together --

Mitani Shuji - Tsukamaki - (DVD)

Jabara-ito Silk Thin (1mm wide)

Price: 7,000yen

Quantity: pairs