Narutaki Koppa High Quality Nakayama 1kg

Block of Narutaki stone from Nakayama mountain.

Chisel off small flakes from Koppa, grind it very thin and make Jizuya.

Nakayama is the best stone among all of the natural finishing polishing stones.
It cuts the steel effectively and the particle is fine (It is finer than other finishing stones.).
If you make Jizuya form this stone, you can do the best JIOKOSHI
which is very important in polishing Japanese swords,

Also, this stone is effective to polish carving chisels and very small knives.
It will make a sharp edge and the sharpness will last long.
(The surface of Koppa is not smoothened. There is not enough width to polish knives.)

This picture is a sample. Just image.
We will send different shaped , color, and sized stones.
There are 4 to 6 ps of small blocks in 1 kg.

Following page shows the Shiage-do ( Awase-do ) for polishing small knives or razor.

Narutaki Koppa High Quality Nakayama 1kg

Price: 6,000yen