Tsuka-gawa Suede Cord 8mm wide 1m

Suede cord to wrap Tsuka.
Usually, 4 meter is enough to do Tsukamaki for 1 Katana or Wakizashi.

Colors ; Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown.

The material of SUEDE cord is pig leather.
It is very soft skin.
Please do not stretch nor pull tightly when you wrap Tsuka in order not to split at the joint point.

Please input the length in meters in the quantity space.
If you need 4 meters please input "4".

-- Recomended item to be bought together --

Mitani Shuji - Tsukamaki - (DVD)
Tsuka-gawa Suede Cord 8mm wide 1m

Price: 1,000yen

Length: meters