Tsuka-ito Silk 10mm wide 1m

Silk cord to wrap Tsuka.

The picture is the whole bundle (30m) of Tsukaito.
We will cut it according to your order.

Generally, 10mm cord is appropriate for Katana.
Usually, 4 meters are enough to do Tsukamaki for 1 Katana or Wakizashi.

Colors ; Black, Red Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Gold Brown, Dark Blue, NANDO(Blue), TETSU (Dark green), Green, Purple, White, UNOHANA(Ivory), Gray Blue, Grayish TETSU (Grayish green), Orange, Wine

Tetsu(Dark Green) is a little blueish dark green color.
Red Black is very close to black with a slight reddish shade.

Please input the length in meters in the quantity space.
If you need 4 meters please input "4".

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Tsuka-ito Silk 10mm wide 1m

Price: 900yen

Length: meters