Mimi-ito Silk 6mm 10meters

4 colors or 3 colors.
(The price is the same.)

The pictures are examples of Mimi-ito we made in the past.

You may choose the color and order your own pattern.
Please enter the 3 or 4 colors in the remark column
These are the available colors.
Dark Green, Dark Navy Blue, Navy Blue, Blue, Purple, Red,
Brick, Orange, Gold Brown, Light Green, Ivory, White

You can see the color in the next link.


The order unit is 10 meters.
If you need 30 meters please input "3"

We also accept order for 5 meters unit (if it is over 10m).
For example, if you need 25m, please input "2", and, inform the correct length (25m) in the remarks column.
We will e-mail the correct price by e-mail later.

Price (5m=3250yen)
15m 9750yen
25m 16250yen
35m 22750yen

*** Information ***
We will start to make Mimi-ito after the payment is confirmed.
It will be ready in about 2 weeks.
You cannot change or cancel your order once we start to make it.
Please make sure you are ordering the right thing
Mimi-ito Silk 6mm 10meters

Price: 6,500yen

Length: x 10m