The world of TAKUMI 3 Sword Polishing (DVD)

1 "Rebirth of Japanese beauty"
Polishing is very important process of making Japanese swords as they say "Halves of making Japanese swords are polishing process. Nisshu HON-AMI, an important tangible cultural heritage, a descendant of the good polisher in Muromachi era, implants Japanese beauty into swords.

2 "To polish blades so that the edges are whiten and the grounds are blued"
It intoduces Kokei ONO, an important intangible cultural heritage, who has polished the 170 swords kept in SHOSOIN temple as treasures.

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Format : NTSC
Language : Japanese
Subtitle s: None
Region : Region 2
Run Time : 52 minutes
The world of TAKUMI 3 Sword Polishing (DVD)

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