Token - The World of Masters (DVD)

The swordsmiths (8 swordsmith of Murakumokai) reveal the beauty
of their masterpieces, a total of 15 magnificant swords,
with vivid clarity in pictures choson from among 70 hours
of material captured by highly experienced film professionals.
The Jitetsu and Hamon of the beautiful swords can be seen clearly.
In addition, throughout their film, the features of the Japanese sword,
NIE, NIOI, KINSUJI, and UTSURI, are their changes over time are explained.
We heartly recommend this film as a valuable textbook of the features
of the Japanese sword and the skill and passion of the swrodsmiths
who create them.

Fujiwara Kanefusa
Mikami Sadanao
Sugita Yoshiaki
Hayasaka Nobumasa
Kubo Yoshihiro
Tsubouchi Tetsuya
Matsuba Kunimasa

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Format : NTSC
Language : Japanese, English
Region : All
Run Time : 47 minutes
Token - The World of Masters (DVD)

Price: 5,600yen