The world of TAKUMI 2 Sword Smith (DVD)

1 "Hammer in swords with heart and soul"
Daily arduous works of swordsmiths like Ayasugiden, a line of GASSAN=-KE is earliest swordsmith in Japan, and Sadaichi GASSAN mastered Gokaden, an important intangible cultural heritage.

2 "To supple swords by hammering"
This documentary is recorded the work of Masamine SUMITANI, an inportant intangible cultural heritage, from making Japanese iron to all process regenerating old swords, and esoteric TSUCHITORI process to decide temper patterns of sword blades.

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Format : NTSC
Language : Japanese
Subtitle s: None
Region : Region 2
Run Time : 52 minutes
The world of TAKUMI 2 Sword Smith (DVD)

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