Kozuka Koubou -Introducton to Japanese Swordsmith- (DVD)

The Japanese sword is one of the greatest steel work of art, the world has never known.
For over a thousand years, peaple have marvelled at the eficiency and beauty
of Japanese sword and the skill of the men who made them.
In this program, Jpanese sword reasercher - paul Martin, as he is guidedthrough the swordmaking process
by swordsmith Ozawa Shigenori in an attempt to produce a traditional utility knife called Kogatana
using the same methods emplyed to create Japanese swords.

Forming the block
The folding process
Forming the blade
Clay application
The quenching process

Product Details
Format : NTSC
Language : Japanese , English
Region : All
Run Time : 30 minutes
Kozuka Koubou -Introducton to Japanese Swordsmith- (DVD)

Price: 3,800yen